Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Christmas gift ever....I do believe so.

Now that Christmas is passed I can share with you the story of my Christmas gift. This year all I wanted was a wooden storage solution for my SU ink pads (I'm not a fan of the plastic ones) so I showed my DH a few examples I've seen around of what I wanted him to attempt to make for me. He said sure no problem but somewhere in all of the panning it went from a small ink storage system and morphed into a full blown desk! See my little plastic table started bowing slightly in the middle, rendering it unlevel which aggravated me to no end since I like to stamp a lot. Anyways here's the tale of my table.....(don't mind the messy garage)

Did you know that Home Depot will cut your boards for you? Since we don't have a table saw yet this little fact came in very handy.

Here is Flipper inspecting all the new things in the garage. I like to call him my old man cat even though he's just 4 years old because he gets in these a pissy old man.

Slav said, " Argh I forgot to buy clamps to hold the in place." I said, "dude we still have boxes of tile, if all you need is weight save the money and use heavy things in the garage." Another great problem solved and money saved thanks to my quick thinking!

This is one of the lets of my table, its laying on it side. The table top weighs about 100lbs so we needed strong support below. No particle board here, this desk is all solid old fashioned wood!

Here we have 2 completed legs that will eventually house drawers of various sizes to organize my papery goodness!

Here is Slavic scraping the top of the table to level it out with his new wood working tool that was a early Christmas gift from my Nana. Right after we got the table perfectly smooth my MIL saw it and was loving it but then she went upstairs and I went for the hammer and chains. I proceeded to beat the hell out of my table with anything hard I could find, I really liked the texture I was getting from the small end of the vice grips. My MIL came out and almost started to cry at the sight of my freshly distressed table but eventually she calmed down and let me finished the distressing. 

We used a Red Mahogany Oil Stain first, going heavier in some spots but upon drying I didn't like it. So I added some pale blue paint to it and then ran upstairs, grabbed the Distress Ink Pads (I was not about to assault my SU pads but my TH ones I wasn't too worried about) and started to go to town on the table. I realized I needed more deep brown so I used my Early Espresso re-inker to really darken up areas of the table. Right after this Slav added 2 Satin Clear coats to finish it off.

here is a close up shot of the pretty wood but the lighting has slightly distorted the color so between this photo and the others below you'll get the idea.

For Christmas my MIL got me those pretty vinyl flowers so I put those up once my new space was squared away.

He made my desk a few inches wider then the plastic table, I really didn't think a few inches would feel like much of a difference but now I feel like I can breath easily and have more space to work in.

So that was my Christmas gift, after he put my desk in he decided I needed utilize my walls better so he started playing with my tools like puzzle pieces. The bottom part of my desk isn't finished yet but once he gets around to it, I'll be posting those as well. 

Talk to ya'll later,


  1. What a beautiful place to scrap!

  2. aww that so nice. You have a great hubby!

  3. What a great Christmas gift. I would have distressed it as well.

  4. Lucky, lucky girl! I'm so jealous!! I have a craft room but it's just not what I'd like - this is perfect. Now to get my hubby off his rear and get to building Ü

  5. I love your studio. I am getting ready to move mine in the house. It's currently in a cottage out side the back door. I just feel so isolated out there. Your hubby did a great job on your desk. Awesome space!!!

  6. What a sweet husband! A gorgeous place to work your magic! Perfect.

  7. I love the vinyl flowers. Any idea where they are from?