Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Delicate Snowflake -Tutorial

I've been dying to make these super cool snowflakes! I had watched a few video tutorials on making these but found the results from the use of the stapler to be a little crude looking so I started to tweak a few things to give me the results I wanted. 

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Bone Folder (mine looks pretty messed up huh, I'll tell you the story of that another day)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • 6 - 6x6 squares of cardstock, double or single sided
  • Paperclips are optional, we used these when I started to cut out lots of different papers so this is purely for organizational purposes.
*Note on paper: We made some out of regular thin pattered paper but those were pretty flimsy. We got the best results from cardstock. With some of the stiffer sheets I gave them a light spritzing of water to loosen them up.

 Step 1: Fold Paper in half making a triangle

Step 2: Fold the in half again. Flip it so the long side is on top and point at the bottom. I drew 4 lines onto the paper where I will make my cuts so its easy to see on the first one.

Step 3: Cut from the folded side in towards the two open flaps of the triangle. Its also a good idea to hold the long top side tightly while you cut so the paper wont slip and fan too much.

Step 4: Cut all 6 sheets and then open them up. This is when I spritzed them with water to make the bending a little more easier.

Step 5: Bend the center and then place a bit of hot glue to adhere them together. Your pretty much just matching point up to point in the whole gluing process so pretty basic.

Step 6: Flip the paper over and glue the next to triangles together. Repeat this process 3 more times going back and forth.

This is what it will look like once its all glued together.

Step 7: Once you have all 6 sheets glued to themselves you will want to start gluing the outter edges from one to another. If your working with a pattered papper you will want it to look like I've set it up. One plane side to glue to one pattered side.

Step 8: Glue them all together to make a neat little line like this. Now you will glue the 1st and 6th paper pieces together to create your snowflake. 
* Note: I found out after a few that if you do the next step before you glue them into the circle it makes it a little easier. so you would take paper #2 and glue to paper #3 then glue #4 to #5 and do #1 and  #6 last.

These are two bottom ends, I lightly bend them and then glue one the other. This is easiest if you do it as I described above before gluing them into their circular form.

Step 10: You will want to bend those curves on the bottom edges into points. This will make them come together much better and look very clean. Then to finish it of put a few triggers worth of hot glue in the center and then push them all together. 
Wha-la your done!...or are you.....
After we did a few I realized we needed to add some pizzaz to these puppies! Here are some of our completed Snowflakes, some with a little bling, others with lots.

These are just a few of the ones we've made. On the ones hanging from curtains we hot glued a bunch of faux pearls to give them some soft bling.

Thanks for checkin out my tutorial,

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  1. Wow... this is a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you Happy Holidays!