Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm still here!

So I had wanted to post my 2nd tutorial last week but that never happened, got pretty busy. Today I finally finished making my last Christmas card and got those sent off, woohoo! I celebrated tonight by making those really cool snowflakes with my MIL, we've made 12 of those big snowflakes and I did a tutorial on that which I will edit together in the morning, hopefully before I'm off to my Chiropractor.

If you haven't made these snowflakes you will have to try it out because it fulfills all 3 desires, their stylish, cheap and they will fill you with Christmas joy!

Oh wait I almost forgot to mention I had my first house sale close last week!!! I am a total happy camper, it was a great first time experience with a wonderful couple. So what does one do for such a sweet couple a week before Christmas?!? I went out with my hubby and chopped down a Christmas tree (well he did, I held the branch up for him to crawl under), made a few hand made ornaments and picked up a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament then set it up in her new house for her complete with the tree skirt too. With all the moving they'll be doing as his job having him work crazy hours I didnt think they'd have time to get a tree and it being their first Christmas in their new home they had to have a tree, Realtor to the Rescue!!!

I'll be back tomorrow with great pics to share, see you then!

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