Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Story of my Bone Folder

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I would tell you all the story of my Bone Folder so I thought today would be a fun day to share that story since I finally remembered to take a picture of it. So behold my Bone Folder!

I little funky looking huh? Thats because unlike the bone folders that many of you have this one is made from actual bone and not plastic. 
Take a trip back with me to last year, late spring/early summer...my living room.
I've just started making cards and realized that I need a bone folder so I tell Slav that I was going to run out to go get one but he popped his head out of the other room and asked "Bone what?"
So I pulled up a picture of the little tool, explained what it was and was about to head out on my way when he asked why it was made of plastic and not bone. I said I dunno but I gotta run out now so I can make it before the store closes. About this time one of my dog gets up on the couch and flops down to chew on its toy. All of a sudden Slav is yelling don't leave yet and give me 30 min. I asked why and he said it was a surprise and dashed into the garage.
So I went about some project I was working not thinking much of it until I smelled a very strange smell. In about 45 min Slav was back in the living room asking me to close my eyes and open my hand.
I opened my eyes to that little tool and asked, Honey where did this come from?
Right then the dog on the couch started trying to snatch my little tool by ever so quietly creeping onto my lap.
Slav had snatched the dog bone and used his dremel to cut, shape and buff out this tool. 
For about the next 3 months or so I had to make sure I didn't leave this thing lying around because the dogs tried to snag it at any chance they got. 

This tool is great, its strong, soft and it actually has an edge to it so I could use it as a not so sharp knife but if Slav had his way it'd be sharp enough to split atoms :p.

I love my wonderful husband in all his cheap silly glory.

Hope you liked the story,

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  1. That's so cool! How amazing is he for being so clever and quick?! Great work, too!