Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Personal Challenge

So today I decided I would start a personal challenge, one that would push my creativity as well as free up highly valuable property in my craft space. Here are some pictures that I am sure many of you can relate to, maybe you have less or maybe you have large pile but I'm sure any Card Maker/Scrapper can relate to these two piles.

This is a little case that holds all of my small bits of scraps.

This is a 12x12 case that holds all of my larger pieces of paper, I'd say its about 3/4 full  roughly.
So here is my personal challenge, if this was Dec. 31st I'd consider it a New Years resolution but since its not  I'll just say I'm starting my resolution now. So here it is, I want that green 12x12 empty and I want that smaller one to be at no more then 1/4 full, ideally I'd like that one empty too but I don't know if that is possible. The only exception will be for White & Kraft cardstock that I use for my card bases.

So with all these different types of paper I will try to do cards for OWH as well as maybe some cool home decor pieces (psst I'm workin' on some cool shadow boxes that will be posted soon) and maybe, just maybe a scrapbook page but I wont hold my breath on that last one.

I'm also thinking as a mini side project to this that I'll want to try to create one of those mini books filled with card sketches.

So what do you think? Have you attempted something like this before?

Thanks for stoppin' in,

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  1. Great idea Belinda. I should join you on this challenge, but....well I should join you! LOL I have tons scrap paper to use up, 5 shoe boxes about 1/3 full and one drawer on my 12x12 container busting out!
    So I will try to get those down also.

    Happy Crafting,
    Shirley G