Monday, November 29, 2010

Vinyl + Laptop = Major Cuteness!!!!

So I was playing around with my new stash and decided I would put my new little Decor Element Vinyl thingie onto my laptop. You wont be able to see it from the picture but my laptop is a very very soft shade of pink (I'm not a girl obsessed with pink, I swear!...It had all the features I wanted and only came in this color) and what goes better with pink then chocolate! So I gave it a quick cleaning but all of a sudden my DH comes over and starts using the little applicator to rub it onto my laptop! He totally stole my thunder! So I let him have a little fun by getting to rub the pattern on but I got to peal off the paper (with him looming over me telling me to be gentle, when aren't I?

How cool does my laptop look now?!? I've never used the vinyl decor elements but I'm totally sold, this has to be one of my new favorite things! Oh and just for size reference, my laptop has a 17" screen so this small size is pretty substantial.

For this Project:
More fun to come later.

Till next time,


  1. Your laptop looks FABULOUS!!!!!! So pretty and now it's a one of a kind laptop! Great idea.