Friday, November 5, 2010

New Shelf display

So a month ago I went down to visit my family on the Central Coast, while in the basement looking for the Tamale pot I had found the 7-up crate. The next day I was in mystical land that time has forgotten aka my Nana's Garage, in that fun time warp I spotted this little odd shelf, here's its journey.

All dirt and dust removed its a lot lighter of a wood them I originally thought, yikes!

I didnt want to deal with staining the wood so I busted out my distress ink pad in Walnut Stain and went to town. I carefully painted the slats blue (now matches my other display piece) then I glued the paper to the back.

I realized after I loaded this up with stamps that now my other display piece that used to hold all of these is now looking a little bare....what's a girl to do????

A little bird told me the Sacramento Scrapbook Expo is on this Friday and Sat, maybe I'll able be to find something there to help fill the empty space on that other display piece. :D

See ya later,

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