Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Soooo Excited!

So since I've totally drowned myself in this fun little craft I thought I'd take advantage of this pretty sweet offer Stampin' Up! has going on and I am happy to say I'm a Stampin' Up! demo now. :D I figure since I've been teaching classes I might as well make the extra $ that comes with it instead of it goin to someone else (no offence Tracy, still love ya!) and now I also get a sweet discount on all my purchases, score! 

If you haven't heard about it here is the info.

I just liked that the kit isn't a generic one, its almost totally customizable so I got to toss in quite a few set of papers, stamps and ink pads that have been on my wish list in there. So you get a bunch of stuff for only $85 bucks! My mama didn't raise no fool, I know a good deal with I see one and that one wasn't about to pass me by!

Oh and its a no obligation kit too so if you don't want to do there thing you can buy the kit and not do anything further without any penalties at all. 

If you want to score the deal go Here and use my code: ASmudgyInkyPassword

I should be getting my kit by Monday or Tues so I'll post pics of my goodie box.

Until next time,

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