Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tada my freshly painted Bedroom

So here is our freshly painted and newly rearranged bedroom.  The ceiling is in an Eggshell, the walls are a nice warm Taupe and the trims/baseboards are in a soft Green.
Our room felt pretty cramped before with just too much in here so when i went to paint that left wall I moved our dresser to the foot of the bed to get it out of the way but I liked the look of it there so that was what inspired the rearranging of the room. I was initially just going to paint and do nothing else but....once I get started I just run with it.
I haven't put the curtains up yet, I'll leave that for Slavic to do, I've done everything else :). His one complaint about the room was that I didn't paint the vent Taupe, he wanted it to blend and not be noticed.
This dresser used to hold the mirror that is now on the vanity so I decided to decorate the dresser with some of my antique books and the little chest. I also swiped the 2 candle holders from the bathroom which was framed the whole thing rather nicely.
This is a cute space but I've never really done much with it other then putting all of my books in a nice neat row. This time I wanted to let more of the light through from the little window that sits behind all of these.

I saved a few of the bottles from the Trader Joe's Sparkling Pink Lemonade but had no use for them, I'm happy to report they now have a purpose. Those little balls up there are a couple of my glass Christmas ornaments too.  

So I think I'm going to do a little Mod Podge project with those Lemonade glasses. In the morning the sun rises though that window and having the glass up there really lets through a lot of light as well as some sparkle.
There is my pup Cheba, I wouldn't let her make a mess of her pillow on the floor so she jumped onto my bed to get comfy.

Okay check out my ugly white closet doors and now look at all of that pretty double sided fabric. Since we've moved into this house a few years back we've wanted to somehow hide those doors and now that we've put our bed right in front of them we really want them gone. Our idea is to make 3 large curtains to hang above the doors to cover them up but still give full access to the closet.

Let me share with you the MAJOR deal I scored on this fabric. I'm sure quite a few of you are aware of the 50% off fabric sale going on on Joann's right now, well I thought I'd head down there with my MIL and see if we could find something to go with our new wall color. Luba was a bit put off by the $39.00 price tag on many of the fabrics but then we found the Red Tag area and this lovely fabric (regularly $30.99 p/yard) was residing there at the low low price of $6.00 a yard! Luba loved that price since that kept me under the budget I set for this project but due to the 1/2 off sale we ended up scoring this fabric for $3.00 a yard!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes we got this fabric for 90% off, can you believe it?!? Luba was in total shock and kept giggling so we just bought the rest of the bolt because at that price how can you not?
So in total we got 12 yards of fabric, leaving us with 5 yards extra that will now be used to make a decorative shower curtain (we have the ugly silver and glass enclosure now) that will run floor to ceiling, matching mini Curtain in the bathroom and maybe a Valance to dress up our bedroom Curtains.

So if anyone wants to score on some fabric, hit up J's and take a look at the Red Tag sections to score the majorly sweet deals!

Thanks for stopping by,

 p.s. Painting was just what my sickly body needed, I casted those vile viruses out :D

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