Friday, January 14, 2011

Still sick :(

Its hard to get me sick but once I am it sticks around. I've been dying to create but cant be in the loft so what is a girl to do....well I came up the a rather brilliant idea on how to cure myself and accomplish something at the same time. Yesterday I set out to paint my Master Bath, figuring good physical labor will help cast these demons from my body, today I'm still coughing so maybe a bit more painting will help. I just have to paint our baseboards and decided if I want to stencil a boarder up on the walls and then that is done...well then I have to paint the door. Oh but now that I've painted our bathroom I think I need to paint my bedroom too, surely this will cast out the evil and vile Musinex looking creature from my chest!

Anyways the real thing I wanted to share was the cost for this project, my grand total as of right now is $0.00!!!! I don't think I will need to buy any supplies for painting my bedroom either so it should all go down for a total cost of $0.00! How you ask? Did I already have the paint before?

The paint I just got maybe a couple of weeks ago but I got it for free using the great and wondrous thing called Craigslist! See there is a company that cleans out foreclosed homes and constructions sites, they have gallons but figure they cant resell them so they give them away for free. Since Sacramento has lots of new construction going on there is lots of left over paint so they also had 5 gal buckets and that is what me and Slavic went and found one day. We got 4 colors each in a 5 gal bucket, I've already modified 1 shade by adding white to it to create the perfect honey color for our bedroom. That bucket of white was left in our house when we moved in so that was free too. I already had brushes and rollers so that has made this an awesomely cheap project.

So if any of you are looking to save cash, give the "Free" section of Craigslist a gander, its amazing what you can find there because someones trash can always be another's treasure with the right frame of mind.

I'll post pics of my bathroom when I finish it tonight

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