Sunday, October 20, 2013

Workin' my way back!

I hope some of you are still with me....
This year has brought some changes and a few almost changes with it. The biggest almost change was that we almost moved to Idaho so we did quite a bit of remodeling on the house but alas it is not meant to be just yet. So after we packed half the house and were on the market for a couple of months we decided to stay for a little while longer...maybe till next summer, we shall see but now I am in the middle of unpacking it all again!!!!
We painted the kitchen but the counters were still in too good of shape to scrap just yet.

I have done quite a bit of purging in the process and boy that felt good, the creativity is starting to bubble up again, oh how I've missed that feeling.
I'll do another blog post soon to show some additions I've made last week to help get my scrappy goodness under control, a little hint...I went to IKEA! I just need to do a little more organizing to make it look presentable, sadly my hubby has yet to finish the lower part of my desk, maybe next year :)

Talk soon,

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