Monday, October 21, 2013

Ikea trip!

Pardon the background mess but I had to share 2 of my 3 ikea finds!

Let's get the kinda boring one out of the way first.....This is Alex:
Its functional, not the prettiest (a bit plain for my taste) but that is something I plan on fixing down the road...So this little fella is holding a ton of stuff which is giving me more room on my desk and that makes me a happy girl. Its also holding my drawing supplies that my Hubby got me this past Christmas, see those canvases? He got me those too, talk about intimidating...I'm barely learning to draw and paint and he got me those giant things but he said he knows I have the talent in me tackle them. I love that he has such faith in my talent when even I don't.

Anyway lets keep this rolling right along. Here was the piece I just fell in love Raskog!

This thing is my favorite color, its easy to organize and keep the things I use most at my fingertips.
Top tier holds my inks, glitter mists, stamp cleaners. Second tier hold all my fun cling stamps, all of my liquid pearls are now in the little side caddy and the bottom is a bit of a catch all at the moment.

Once the rest of this loft gets squared away then I can put up my new Expedit and get started on my Thanksgiving help.

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  1. Ooh, I could add either of these to my craft room!