Thursday, March 10, 2011

PSC: Many Blessings

This little card is pulling double duty as a PSC as well as a Laney card.
I was hoping I would be able to head down south this weekend to take the cards as well as a special cake but since I'm still trying to recover I think I'll be skipping all that and sending the cards out in the mail. My MIL knitted a very soft pink scarf to be auctioned off as well that I've paired with a matching mini card too.

Sorry if I'm slow on replies, this flu bug is kickin' my bum.

OMG! I thought I posted this on Tues night. 2 days late, here you go. I am feeling much better then I was 2 days ago but the flu flared up my neck injury and now I have a cough which is making it all worse :(. I'm going to get some tea and then post a few more blogs for today. :D

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