Friday, October 22, 2010

The Loft

I thought the best post to start my new blog out with would be to give you a tour of my crafting space. This is a space in my loft that I managed to squeeze a table into and after much organization (with more to come in the future) this is what my space has come to look like. 

This is a display piece that I picked up from Gottschalks before they closed, I scored it for $3!
With a little paint, stamped designs and clear lacquer its become the perfect setting for fun things.
I use Clear tacks to hang my Scissors or other tools I use often.
Inside of the Orchid tube (a Wine Bottle Gift Box) is where I keep my Paintbrushes and my Zester. Since I don't get into all too often I put those branches into it just to add a nice pop of color.

I love Department 56 houses and keep a couple on my table to remind me of the beauty of Christmas year round. The Purple & Blue box holds all of my clear stamps.

This is a close up of my Mini Clear Stamp holder. It was this odd little box I was given that had a Cigar logo on it. I used a few Cat Eye chalk inks to give it the aged look.

This wooden piece is one I just happened upon a few weeks ago in my Nana's (Grandma) basement. Its an old Seven Up crate still in perfect condition. This also helped to free up more space on my table and give a few of my drawers a little relief.

This gives you a little glimpse to the organization under my table. Also barely making it into the picture is my blue Heat Gun hanging on the wall. I use more clear push pins to to hang up the rest of my scissors and hole punch.

Here you can see the other side under my table.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I was drawn to your blog after seeing the crooked table photo on Great room, great're obviously very talented as being a pastry chef isn't something anyone can do either! Cindy

  2. Belinda, thank you for inviting me to your wonderful blog. It is awesome! You are so beautiful, talented, inspiring and well organized. Love your presentation. I am sure you will show a lot more of your creations and inspire all of us. GREAT!!!