Sunday, May 22, 2011

PSC: Since its been a touch windy...

I thought I'd make Pinwheels!....for my garden. 
I recently potted a fern and placed it by my front door but it was a bit bland.
I think a few of these will do the trick to liven up that plain little fern.
Its rather late so instillation with happen some time tomorrow. I'll also need to rotate my sprinkler head as well as it completely soaked attempt #1's sassy pinwheel that I had make a week or so ago but forgot to photograph until it was too late.

In the center of my pinwheel is 2 decorative buttons glued together.
I made this from a 6x6 scrap piece of paper from my pile.

I got a few cards done so those posts will fallow along soon,

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